Mezes, A Taste of Greece

Mezes, A Taste Of Greece

Greek. Mezes has been recognized as one of the best Greek restaurants in the Bay Area. Literally meaning “plates meant to share,” This San Francisco restaurant provides family-style favorites such as spinach pie, zucchini cakes or grilled lamb chops. Mezes blends Grecian hospitality with contemporary comfort, making it a place to be visited again and again.

Mezes brings together the warm tradition of Greek hospitality with delicious Greek Cuisine, updated with a contemporary twist.

Mezes captures the zest of life, gathering of friends, and the simple appreciation of delicious food! You can find Mezes in the heart of The SF Marina’s bustling restaurant scene.

Mezes translated from Greek means ‘appetizer’, and you will find a savory assortment of them here. Mezes are served on small plates for the whole party to share and enjoy. A wide variety of dishes are available and you can find them on our website. Let us help you select from a nice variety of Greek, California and other international wines to pair with your plates.

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