Mistress Morphina

Mistress Morphina (BDSM)

On your knees, slave. You are mine now, even as you read this posting.
Should you be deemed worthy enough to cross my divine threshold, you
will discard your stale identity and leave your pathetic problems and
ridiculous clothing at the door.

It’s all about me now, so make yourself useful as my source of cruel
amusement. I’ll size you up and use you as furniture while you worship
my feet. If you’re up to the test, your ass will smart from my extensive
collection of disciplinary devices as you perform chores for me: your
clever and fastidious Mistress of intoxicating beauty.

Before you avert your eyes, take heed of my many tactics: slave/maid/slut
training, bondage, spanking, whipping, forced feminization, humiliation,
golden showers, enemas and, for extra consideration, strap-on play.
I may entertain new ideas and light sensual sessions are available also.

Call Noon to 8 pm, 415 424-0749