Mold Inspection & Testing San Francisco CA

Mold Inspection & Testing San Francisco Ca

MI&T San Francsico offers homes and businesses unbiased assessments to determine if mold growth is causing indoor air quality problems. How do we do this you ask? Well first our certified technician starts with a full visual check of the property. Then they collect a minimum of 2 air samples. It is an outside control sample that is compared to an inside sample taken from the area of greatest concern. This will tell us whether or not a problem exists in that area or not. Additional samples may be recommended to help confirm the source of a problem and/or see how far a problem has spread. Customers that do have mold problems are also given a detailed report for how to fix the problems. It is important to use a mold inspector indepedent from the mold removal process to ensure you receive an unbiased assessment! For more information on San Francsico Mold Testing please visit our website. 

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