Morgan Stanley

Amber Rosenberg, Pacific Life Coach,

Do you want to increase your productivity and leave the office an hour
early? Do you want to be successful in your business and also have time for your personal life? Through a guided self-visualization and other exercises, you’ll walk away from this seminar with new perspectives, a clear direction and a plan of action.

Smart Women Finish Rich ® Seminar based on the best-selling book by David Bach, Broadway Books, 2002

Led by Amy Dunn-Ruiz, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

Smart Women Finish Rich is a seminar that provides you with seven steps to help you plan for financial security and seek your dreams. You’ll learn how to:

- Put your money where your values are
- Figure out where you stand financially
- Discover the power of the Latte Factor®
- Practice the 3-Basket Approach to Personal Finance

You will receive a free financial workbook to help organize your finances.