East Bay Voice Instruction

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I have been a voice instructor for the last 14 years, and have a great track record of helping my students get out there with their singing. Last month, another student quit his day job to sing professionally.


I instruct mostly contemporary singers, in a wide variety of genres (R&B, pop, jazz, blues, folk, rock, country, and Gospel). I offer both 1 hour and 30 minute lessons in San Francisco and Alameda.



I’ve been training beginning singers for the last 14 years, and love it! I have developed some fantastic techniques for getting you going with your singing right away.


Many students are nervous at first, but soon realize that singing is one of the best things you can do to lift your spirits. You will feel great after each lesson, guaranteed.




I work closely with my students to develop a plan to achieve both their career and technical goals. I produce local concerts with great musicians to give my students the experience and encouragement necessary to begin to perform on their own.



I have a few remaining student slots available. For additional information, please contact me at john@jdsvoice.com or visit http://www.jdsvoice.com. Cell Phone: 510-913-3157