Mutt About Town

Mutt About Town

We give you relief and peace of mind.
We fix behavior problems that make life stressful for you and your dog.
We make training simple and fun.

We work with dogs of all ages, puppies through seniors! Contact us for more information on how we can help you and your dog. Here is an example of some of the common behavioral issues Mutt About Town addresses:

* Housetraining * Puppy manners * Leash manners * Basic obedience * Resource guarding * Socialization * Fear-based aggression * Separation anxiety * Behavior issues specific to senior dogs and recently adopted dogs

Why choose us?

Choosing a trainer for your dog is a big decision. At Mutt About Town, we ensure you and your dog receive the best possible care and training.

* We use only positive reinforcement training, which is scientifically shown to produce long-lasting, effective behavior change.

* We work with you so you feel involved in your dog's learning.

* We make training fun for you and your dog.

* We design a training program that fits your family's needs and lifestyle.

* We are committed to continuing education to ensure best practices.