Naked Music Recordings

Naked Music Recordings was founded in 1998 with a clear mission: Release forward-thinking, urban soul music from a diverse roster of up-and-coming artists. Over multiple 12" releases and albums, we've tried to set a new standard in the electronic music world for captivating songwriting and top-notch production, steadily refining a sophisticated, sexy sound that's distinctly Naked. Along the way, we've showcased Petalpusher's (AKA Miguel 'Migs') chunky house beats, Blue 6's stunning, stripped-down elegance, the vocal talents of Lisa Shaw and Gaelle as well as introducing Aquanote, Central Living, Speakeasy and many others. Over the coming year, we'll be releasing full-length albums from Gaelle, Trentemoller, Lisa Shaw and Aya as well as showcase the talents of some of our favorite dj friends and family (Mauricio Aviles, DJ Harvey and Bugz in the Attic - to name a few!).