Natasha Lovas, Senior Mortgage Advisor


It's true!  It's much harder to qualify for and obtain a mortgage these days.   That's why you need an experienced professional to help you navigate through the home purchase and financing process.  

I am a Senior Mortgage Advisor with over eighteen years of experience in obtaining residential loans for San Francisco Bay residents.  I do not work for a Bank, but I do understand the mindset of a Bank's decisionmakers and underwriters.   I am the liaison between you and the Bank, and I will not submit your loan unless I know it will be approved, and that the property meets the Bank's requirements.

Whether you are thinking about purchasing your first home, moving up to a new home, retiring or purchasing a second home, I can help. 

I offer the following services at your free, in-person meeting in my office.  I will help you:

o    Budget for your new home purchase

o    Analyze whether it's smarter for you to rent or buy 

o    Obtain loan pre-approval to find your optimal price range

o    Run scenarios with different down payments and price points to optimize your purchasing power.

o    Decide whether you should choose a conventional or government loan

o    Advise which combination of rates and points will save you the most money over time

o    Providing a time line of the home purchase and financing process so you will know what to expect next

 I look forward to meeting you and working with you

Best regards,


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