Nature Trip

Explore the magnificent coasts, rich marshlands, deltas, majestic mountains, great rivers & surprising deserts of California in search of birds, wildlife & spectacular scenery. Nature Trip offers year around adventures focusing on the over 500 species of birds & over 200 species of marine & land mammals that reside or visit the golden state. Grab the opportunity to see & experience California’s wildlife.

Half-day trips (4 to 5 hours) – You are picked up in San Francisco to start our half-day adventure. The trip itineraries are based on current weather, tides & recent sightings of wildlife. You will get a checklist of local birds & mammals, we’ll provide high quality binoculars, spotting scopes & field guides for the group to share during the trip. We will also bring along delicious snacks & beverages.

Full day trips (9 to 10 hours) – A full day excursion allows you to discover much more of the wild things the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Vegetarian lunch is provided.