Nicole L. Coffelt, Ph.D. | Licensed Psychologist

My approach to healing is first and foremost a nonjudgmental and collaborative one. I believe that each one of us is a natural reservoir of courage, strength, and wisdom. What becomes more difficult at certain times during the life span is the ability to access these aspects of the self. Particularly during periods marked by stress, loss, and/or increasingly tenuous external conditions that are outside of our control, it is often extremely helpful to have someone to assist you in resuming the process of uncovering and accessing strengths. I believe this to be my key role as a therapist – assisting the client in accessing the unique gifts that he/she has to offer the world and enabling him or her to become more content, peaceful, and fulfilled. Of course, these goals are always considered secondary to immediate symptom relief in cases where something very troubling has bubbled to the surface. In such situations, mood difficulties, anxiety, addiction recovery, relationship problems and so on will be addressed and stabilized before moving toward deeper issues. Whatever your path, I wish you wellness and wholeness.