Ongoing Salon Group For Artists, Performers & Writers

This group is a place to grow ideas, share dreams, nurture projects and feel supported. We give thoughtful attention to the full range of practical, emotional and existential concerns that are part of the creative life. The makeup of the group is based on the premise that the personal challenges of doing artistic work and building a life to sustain it are similar regardless of medium. Thus, group members have been involved in all kinds of artistic, writing and performing activities. The primary focus of the group is on helping each person clarify and realize their creative aspirations. The group provides an opportunity for showing work and getting comments on it, but the emphasis is on supporting each person's creative development, not on the critique of specific works. The group has a maximum size of seven and accepts new members when openings are available. It meets in Noe Valley on two Thursday evenings per month from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. Call Robert Ressler for more information.