Parada 22 POP-UP

Parada 22 Pop Up

When you are in the mood for a vibrant yet down to earth gastronomic experience, join the hip urban crowd and head over to the Mission for Boogaloos. What was once a neighborhood Pharmacy on the busy corner of 22nd and Valencia streets is now the perfect local eatery. The colorful atmosphere will draw you in and the culinary delights will keep you coming back for more.
On a lovely sunny day you can enjoy the outdoor sidewalk seating, but when the fog rolls in the bright gold walls and cushy burgundy booths of the dining room will warm your spirits. The walls are covered with beautifully laid out mosaics and a gallery of cheerful and expressive artwork made by individuals with disabilities.
The service is quick, so even if you must wait to get a table your name will come up in no time at all. Your rich cup of coffee will never go empty which is good because it may take some time to choose between the many delectable choices the menu has to offer. Whether you are in the mood for savory scramblers, sweet lemon-corn meal pancakes, or a spicy mexican style breakfast the heaping portions will leave your tummy full without breaking the bank. Come in for lunch and experience a wide range of vegetarian fare, creative sandwiches or soup and salads which are anything but ordinary. For a meal every bit as eclectic as the Mission neighborhood it resides in, Boogaloo is sure to satisfy.