Parkside Chiropractic

We Use Only Comfortable, Proven Pain Alleviation Techniques at our office in San Francisco:

I offer the wide range of proven chiropractic pain management approaches. You and I would need to sit down together to decide which method is appropriate for your particular need. These approaches include:

Traction Therapy
Trigger Point Therapy
Activator Therapy
Application Of Heat Or Ice
The Graston Technique

The last of these, "The Graston Technique," has an incredible track record. Fully 87% of patients nationwide (including many professional athletes) who have been treated with the technique have had their condition resolved. That’s a lot of pain ended, sometimes forever.

Like all Chiropractic treatments, The Graston Technique is non-invasive. It involves the use of special instrumentation against the skin to directly address pain in soft tissue lying beneath. That includes pain you may have in muscle, ligaments, tendons and other areas.