Personal Training With Ami

Hello! My name is Ami (like “Tommy” without the “T” – I’m male). Whether your objectives are health, fitness, or appearance related, my approach to training is always client-centered. I will incorporate your goals into a balanced program that ensures safe and effective training. Visiting the gym is usually beneficial, but let me help you guarantee each visit is truly valuable, fun, and a step toward your fitness goals.

The gym I work at (14th and Valencia) is great for training, without the distractions and crowds of some of the gym chains. You do not need to be a member of the gym.

-American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
-B.A. Dance and Psychology from Wesleyan University
-14 years of training in dance

Areas of interest/expertise:
-Functional training & strength building
-Weight loss
-Postural assessment & modification
-Balance, stability, core training, & flexibility
-Muscle toning & muscular endurance

*client references availab