Pier 5 Law Offices

More freedom for more people through law is a beautiful concept. Serve it with dignity.
-J. Tony Serra-

Pier 5 Law Offices is a group of sole practitioner attorneys who, as a group, have shared office space for over 40 years. As independent lawyers, we pride ourselves on fighting injustice in the fields of criminal defense and civil rights litigation as it relates to the criminal justice system. With an unparalleled commitment to progressive causes, we continue to provide the best defense available in both the California State Courts, and the Federal Courts of the United States of America.

In addition to the practice of law, our members are active in the community, host events such as our annual Prison Art Show, and work closely with activist organizations devoted to the causes of medical marijuana, the environment, civil liberties, and more.

Attorneys:Greg Bentley
- Randolph E. Daar - - Shari Lynn White - Alonzo J. Gradford - Kali S. Grech - Carolyn Hagin - Laurence Jeffrey Lichter - Nedra Ruiz - Diana Samuelson - J. Tony Serra - Anne-Marie Tomassini Ericka Treeby- Ean Vizzi - Sara Zalkin