Planet Weavers

Planetweavers is one of the larger head shops, a Macy's for the tragically hip. It has the normal hippie fare of candles, incense, wind chimes and occult books, but make a quick left upon entering and you'll find an assortment of beautiful bugs, butterflies, and other air borne insects framed on the wall, nicely mounted in wooden and glass shadowbox frames. Wouldn't a framed tarantula look great in the family room? Prices range from $18 on up to a $1000 for a spray of Monarch Butterflies frozen on a branch. Planetweavers also features lower end items like the acrylic boxes and key chains with the little creepy crawlies for $12.95. And in the true spirit of the New Age they display the mission statement of the importer, a company called Them, detailing the environmental and economic win-win scenario.

- Excerpt from "Butterflies are Free" by Victoria Jayne Joyce