Probate Professional Advisory Group

PPAG help Executors with settling their estate more quickly.  In facing the larger financial issues of an estate, an awareness of duties, ability to perform and act on these duties, and being at peace with these actions is necessary for a successful conclusion.  We will give recommendations based on the most viable and sensible solution for the situation and will attempt to relieve as much tension and stress as possible throughout the project. 


We treat the Probate process as a Project.  Our consulting program introduces a “project management model” style into the process.  PPAG’S Probate Project Management tool lets you know exactly where you stand in the process, what your next actions should be, and their due dates. We also offer an Estate Account service which will keep the estates’ bills paid and provide a thorough record-keeping for the court.


In addition, we buy real estate in this area and currently have prospects who are seeking single family homes, plus other investment properties. If you or the heirs are interested in selling this property, please give me a call and I will be happy to speak to you anytime.