Quid is radically changing how people interact with information and gain insight. By analyzing massive amounts of textual data, Quid allows you to spend more time exploring and answering big-picture questions. The most creative advertising agencies, financial institutions, technology companies, and service firms leverage Quid to solve their most pressing problems and identify opportunities in competitive analysis, branding, innovation, market research, and investment strategy.

Quid visualizations are built on a foundation of premium data and use the most advanced data science and machine learning algorithms. Our high powered algorithms organize millions of data points into beautiful visualizations, enabling you to intuitively explore the world’s data. Incorporating Quid into yourorganizationcreates new ways of communicating and addressing complex decisions - all backed by powerful insights delivered directly to decision makers.

Founded in 2010, Quid is located in downtown San Francisco. Backed by world-class investors, we are united by a love for technology, storytelling, strategic thinking, and a desire to change the way the world looks at data.


Our robust infrastructure brings accelerated analysis of unstructured data. Using premium data available through Quid, as well as their own data, users can quickly find insights hidden in rich landscapes of information.

Leveraging the best Natural Language Processing technology available, Quid’s high performance algorithms reveal hidden structure, patterns and relationships. Through our powerful user interface, users can easily explore massive data sets, making research and insight discovery intuitive. Beautiful, interactive data visualizations enable the communication of complex ecosystems and narratives, helping drive major decisions with powerful insights.