Realty Empowerment Systems

Realty Empowerment Systems
RES is dedicated to helping realty professionals achieve their goals. We deliver the best technologies, services and training available. Beyond providing tools, RES is committed to making the tools we represent work for you.
The success of RES is due to our approach to the client. Since 1998, We have grown our team to include professional trainers, business consultants, experts in process and content development, and exceptional client service representatives. Our belief in and commitment to service -serving one another, our clients and partners- drives and energizes our corporate culture and success.
By delivering proven technology and marketing solutions that empower your real estate practice, we partner with you to manage client relationships.
As a result you’ll Retain More Leads, Close More Deals and Create Clients for Life.
With RES, you will succeed!
It’s true, home buyers and sellers are using the Internet to do much of the detective work themselves. But make no mistake, real estate has always been and will always be a relationship business, and RES delivers a complete customer relationship management system.
RES provides a set of tools that will create lasting customer loyalty by allowing you to respond to your clients needs more quickly and effectively across multiple customer touch points.
These tools include:
A professional website where clients can view listings online, take virtual tours and help themselves using automated tools.
An integrated communications system where your clients can phone you, fax you or listen to audio tours all through a single number.
A secure online practice management center that tracks visitor activity and stores it in a contact record, giving you a complete view of every relationship you manage and the relationship tools to easily and effectively service that client.
If you can take advantage of today’s technology to help your clients enjoy a better buying or selling experience, you will not only defend your practice, you will create a wealth of new success.
You don’t need us to tell you that the real estate industry is competitive. You know clients are savvier than ever and demand more of their agents. So how are you able to maintain your current level of business while continuing to enhance your marketing solutions?
InteliTouch® was specifically designed for real estate professionals by real estate professionals.
Build client loyalty, build qualified referrals and build more repeat sales with InteliTouch®. Your client relationships will maintain longevity because you are providing them with valuable information and services, all while efficiently maintaining touch-points throughout the cycle of buying, owning and selling.
No other service offers you full integration on one platform. Imagine an office environment integrating personalized websites, secure online practice management, touch-point marketing and communications.
The InteliTouch® system integrates four primary components to help REALTORS® succeed:
Showcase Branding: A professional website that is customized to reflect your personal brand, and delivers valued customer services that differentiate you from your competition. Touch-Point Marketing: A full line of marketing material, value added content and best practice processes that help you develop the essential relationships that build your business. Virtual Office: A secure online Practice Management Center where you manage your entire business through a complete view of all your relationships and activities. Smart Communications: An optional Integrated Communication System that includes single number telephony to give your clients improved access to you and your practice.
MyRMS® is a full service web based contact management system. Since your contacts and information are the lifeblood of your business, MyRMS® combines these components with a scheduling and activity management center to create a system that contacts and connects with your prospects and clients, AUTOMATICALLY!
Additionally, MyRMS® provides you with full access to a literature and marketing fulfillment system. Imagine generating monthly newsletters, just listed cards, just sold cards, and farm campaigns online, automatically, and at a lower cost than producing them yourself.
Stay In Touch
The Stay In Touch system is a fully automated out-bound marketing communications system that supports the philosophy of building businesses by building relationships.
Stay In Touch provides businesses and individuals personalized, strategic and proactive communication plans that drive the marketing and maintenance of client communications, resulting in the following benefits:
Maximization of client value and top-line revenue Development of relationship marketing competencies Management and maintenance of tailored communication plans with existing and potential clients Development of company branding and client loyalty Increase in client retention and client referrals
The high impact monthly personal communications include:
Four Newsletters each year with 6 pages of sage business tips and highly practical lifestyle insights organized around personal skills, success health and real estate. Four Greeting cards for holidays such as July 4th and Thanksgiving make you a hero in the eyes of all who receive your personal and professional communications. Four Personalized Letters offering tips and unique items of value that your past and future clients will enjoy and appreciate throughout the year.
In addition, each communication is designed to educate everyone in your database to become your power advocates and refer everyone they know directly to you!
InteliTouch Referral Program for Current Clients
We are delighted to inform you of our InteliTouch Referral Program. Both you and the individuals you refer to our InteliTouch service will have the ability to save money! For every referral provided by you that becomes an InteliTouch subscriber, you will receive a FREE MONTH of InteliTouch service - credited directly to your account.
Additionally, we will also be giving the individual you refer a $200 DISCOUNT off of the standard set up fee. You can continue to enjoy the benefits of your InteliTouch service while receiving unlimited referral bonuses - and the individuals you refer will enjoy all the same great benefits of InteliTouch at a discounted cost. You both win! So don't delay - act now by referring a friend or business associate to us. You may submit your referral’s contact information to me at If you would rather have your referral call me directly you may do so, just make sure they provide me with your name to ensure that you get your free month of service and that they get the discounted pricing.
We would like to thank all of our clients who have provided referrals in the past. Not only do we thank you for informing others of our service, but we appreciate your continued business and support. We strive to provide our clients with excellent service, and there is no greater compliment than receiving a referral from one of our valued clients.
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