Red Ink Studios

this is no mere band of brothers, no slovenly series of saps, no hexagon of hapless hyphees...we are the circle of friends. official tourist presents a teutonically tectronic hybrid of artistic temperament and technical flair. redink will host our 12 trailblazing conceptions of space, time, and being. the process is cyclical when the accoutrements of this collaboration link up to an endless paroxysm of the godhead's triumphant vision of style and grace, please allow this circular movement's instigation of hyposmackadelically ill conflagrations of channeled wizardry of delectable quality. yaskeezy believes in the phastronomical rephuji vision. bring that jawn.
March 9th : 8pm thru Midnight
FreundesKreis: Circle of Friends
Red Ink Studio: Officialtourist
9th Street @ Market&Mission
Artists: Tomoko "Momoca," Jasko Begovic, Kamau Amu Patton, Massan, Battiste Fenwick, Asa Turner, Justin Young, Isabelle Lumpkin, Jeremiah Nadya, Matt Scullin, Spectra-JC, Victor Pineda
Sound: JaySONIC