Renovate Solutions

Renovate Solutions

Services Offered-

General Services:

-Diagnosis without Repair

-Flat Rate Desktop Computer Repair /w Diagnosis

-Flat Rate Laptop repair w/ Diagnosis

-Hardware Installations

-Operating System Installation

-Computer System Restores

-Software Installations

-Virus/Spyware Scans /w removal*

-Computer consulting

*Not all spyware and viruses can be removed with the scans, a restore may be needed.


-General Network Set-up

-Existing Network Repair

-Wireless Networking Set-up / Repair

-Internet Tweaking

-Wireless Printer Set-up

Back Up Options:

-DVD Backups

-Data Transfers

-Hard drive Ghosting

-Data Recovery*

*not all data can be recovered

Does your computer have dust bunnies and pet hair in them? Say no more, for a small flat rate fee, we'll come and do a Computer Cleaning.

Also commercial and private websites are available. Websites/Web design are based on a one time fee for building the site, or a annual fee for building/hosting/managing.

All other services relating to computer repair or other electronics may be available, Call today to find the right service for you.

We charger 55/hr Emergency Computer Service is $95/hr