Ricardo Esparza Cabinetmaker

I am a journeyman finish carpenter/woodworker currently available for projects. My 16 years experience as a skilled craftsman in fine woodworking/construction along with my focus on quality, hard work ethic, and positive attitude are an asset to any project. 

I have worked with many species of exotic woods and veneers and I have also mastered the art of carving, pattern veneering, inlay, and ornamental joinery.  I take pride in creating high quality pieces during all stages of the process from milling to sanding to finishing, and enjoy working on ideas and collaborating with contractors, designers, and homeowners.

I have a personal interest and appreciation for period art and architecture such as Ancient Greek Art, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau/Deco, Mid-Century Modern, and Japanese Tansu.

For more information, or to browse through my portfolio please visit www.recmodern.com

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