Rocket Postcards

Rocket Postcards

Rocket Postcards is located in downtown San Francisco and is one of the leading online providers of quality full-color postcards. The Rocket team is comprised of print industry veterans armed with an in-depth knowledge of today’s leading technologies. By combining a top-notch team with a world-class facility, Rocket is able to deliver quality with a Rocket Fast three-day service...and ship anywhere in the country.

Rocket Postcards evolved as the sister company of Nomad Printing in the late nineties as the internet enabled customers to order products over the Web. As the year 2000 rolled around, Rocket grew from a weekly print run operation to the “around the clock” process that it is today. Started as a successful offshoot from a traditional print shop, Rocket is now a national sensation receiving and producing orders day and night. Whether it is a 500-card order or a 50,000-card order, each Rocket job follows our automated workflow, resulting in quality color in a three-day-business turnaround.

The demands of high-volume printing are well-met by our 4-color Quickmaster DI Heidelberg printing presses, known for their versatility in handling high quality, high speed projects.

High Speed Quickmaster DI-46-4
Duplo Stapler Folder DVM 120
QuickMaster 2 Color
Polar 78 ED and ES
Heidelberg Windmill
UV Coater
Plate Setter

Silicon Graphics Origin 200
Macintosh Workstations
DEC Alpha Server
EPSON Stylus Pro 7000
Linux Servers
UMAX Powerlook 2100XL

Rocket clients are as diverse as the cards they print.
From artists, to actors, to real estate agents, to wedding planners to corporate events – each rocket card works wonders for our client’s needs.

Key Contacts:
Kristina – Customer Service
Liz – Production & Technical Assistance
Vanessa – Production & Marketing
Jennifer – Custom Design Services

The Ground Crew
In addition to the Front Line Rocket staff, our full office and production staff work around the clock to make sure that the Rocket product meets your deadline.

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