Middle Eastern. Saha at the Hotel Carlton takes a unique approach to Middle Eastern cuisine, with an extensive menu that features both traditional dishes and Arabic-influenced translations of California cuisine. The considerate chef has taken care to offer options for omnivores, vegetarians and vegans, welcoming everyone with a taste for the exotic to indulge in sweet, savory and delicately spiced flavors in the attractive dining room.

Saha Restaurant serves Arabic-Fusion Cuisine for dinner and a traditional American breakfast with Arabic influences. The restaurant's ebony-wood planks, bright red lacquer seats and red leather upholstery contribute to a warm and inviting experience. In addition, the old-world Chinese “scholar’s table” seats eight family-style and is the perfect spot for shared meals and stories.

Chef Mohamed Aboghanem marries the exotic spices of his homeland, Yemen, with the flavors of the city he adores, San Francisco. Combining the Old World withthe new, Mohamed creates a unique explosion of taste
that delights the palate.

Mohamed, former Owner/Chef of The Patisserie Café for ten years, introduces his new restaurant vision with Saha: Encouraging patrons to participate in the
intimacy of sharing small plates. Using only the finest and purest of ingredients, Mohamed uses the term "communicate" when speaking of how he mixes the flavors of his dishes.

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