San Francisco Dungeon General Admission

San Francisco Dungeon General Admission

San Francisco Dungeon, the first North American outpost of Europe’s popular attraction chain, is open and ready to shock and surprise visitors at Fisherman’s Wharf! This interactive theatrical experience covers 200 years of San Francisco’s often dark and dirty history. You may laugh, you may scream, you may end up in the clink — it’s all part of the fun as live actors draw you into their fascinating tales of the Gold Rush, Alcatraz, Chinatown and more. Choose admission to the Dungeon only, or combine with admission to Madame Tussauds wax museum.

You may arrive at the San Francisco Dungeon anytime during opening hours. Conveniently located in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf, the Dungeon puts on a 1-hour interactive tour that fits perfectly into your day of sightseeing in the city.

After entering, join the next group beginning a tour through the Dungeon. You'll move in order across all nine live-actor shows, which take you through 200 years of San Francisco history. Amazing costumes, intricate sets, authentic performances and one creepy boat ride make for one of the city’s most unusual and memorable experiences.

The shows:
The Descent
Head underground in an old mine-shaft elevator and meet your welcome party, who will do their best to both scare and amuse you while they determine your group’s weakest link.

Gold Rush Greed
Find yourself in the middle of an 1848 battle between greedy gold snatchers and the natives of Gold Country.

Lost Mines of Sutter’s Creek
Don’t get lost in the maze of gold mines while you search for gold, which is running out and making prospectors desperate.

Gangs of San Francisco
Walk carefully down Kearny Street, once the rough stomping grounds of a gang called The Hounds, a group of thugs controlled by the American Party.

The Court Room of San Francisco
Step up to the bench of Alcalde Meade, San Francisco’s former mayor and judge, and face the consequences of your ‘crime.’

Miss Piggott’s Saloon
While you enjoy a drink on the house, keep an eye on Miss Piggott and her friend Shanghai Kelly… they’re up to something.

Shanghai Kelly’s Boat Ride
Betrayed by Miss Piggott, you’ve been sold off to Shanghai Kelly to work as a sailor on a boat.

Chinatown Plague
The Plague came to San Francisco in 1900, trapping you in the quarantined streets of Chinatown.

The Ghosts of Alcatraz
Before Alcatraz was the home of infamous criminals like Al Capone, it was a 19th-century military prison. Will you end up there?

Upgrade option:
Choose the combo option when booking if you want to also check out the Dungeon's neighboring attraction, Madame Tussauds, where you can mingle with lifelike wax versions of worldwide celebrities like Johnny Depp and Beyonce Knowles.

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