San Francisco Embarcadero

Recently transformed with the removal of the elevated Embarcadero Freeway the area is home to many popular restaurants and hotels. San Francisco???s downtown waterfront area is centered on the Ferry Building. The Ferry Building, which underwent a major renovation in 2002, dates back to 1903 and required some rebuilding after the 1906 earthquake.

A seven-mile stretch of waterfront promenade and surface-level road and trolley lines opened along the Embarcadero in 1999. Improvment to the area continues with plans for a Waterfront Pavilion.
The double-decked Embarcadero Freeway ??? extensively damaged in the Oct. 17, 1989, Loma Prieta earthquake ??? has been demolished and replaced with plazas, walks, parks, and public pier access, which give visitors and residents the chance to enjoy the spectacular waterfront setting.