Schoggi Imported Swiss Chocolates

Offering luxury Swiss chocolates, Schoggi is the first true Swiss confiserie in San Francisco and the latest addition to the arts and culture scene emerging around the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Schoggi offers more than 60 varieties of chocolate pralines and truffles as well as typical Swiss petite pastries, Luxemburgerli (French macarons), pate de fruits, and European-style coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Schoggi’s chocolates are handmade by a small producer in Bern from 100-year-old recipes. Our collection includes traditional milk and dark chocolates, as well as chocolates sporting more exotic flavors such as green tea, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Schoggi’s varieties get their unique flavor from high-quality ingredients, including chocolate made with fresh Swiss milk and cream that impart the distinctive sweetness of alpine clover. The chocolates are stored in custom-made humidors to maintain their peak freshness and flavor.

Schoggi means chocolate.