Sculpt Gardens

Sculpt Gardens

Landscape as Art

Sculpt Gardens is a San Francisco-based landscape company that specializes in designing and building exquisite, custom, sustainable, low-maintenance, functional gardens.

Present for the entirety of each project from conception to completion, owner, designer, and craftsman John Steuernagel boasts decades of experience and mixes traditional and contemporary methods and ideologies.

John is highly skilled at inspiring clear communication with his clients -- listening to and fulfilling their needs and desires while optimizing the assets of each individual space.

With real estate at a premium in the Bay Area, Sculpt takes pride in expanding clients' homes by integrating indoor and outdoor space and taking full advantage of the exquisite Northern California climate and lifestyle.

Integrated into the design and build process is the drive for sustainability, longevity, green practice, and getting people outdoors and in nature.

Utilizing locally available, sustainable, eclectic natural materials, Sculpt Gardens creates emotional, yet clean gardens where nature is incorporated into the living space at every opportunity and where the visitor is encouraged to experience the space with all the senses.

History of Sculpt Gardens

The story begins over 60 years ago when John's grandfather opened a flower shop in Westfield, New Jersey. Not long before John was born, his father added to the flower shop and built a very successful landscape design and construction business. John grew up working at his father's side, whose influences had everything to do with his professional integrity, creative technique, and strong understanding of construction. Just before John attended college at Stockbridge School of Agriculture at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, his father passed away. John dedicates everything he does to his father. After college, John developed his style by studying nature, stone masonry, and art, while working in the field for various firms. In doing so, he gained an understanding of the value of simplistic, low-maintenance gardens that that transcend time. Finally, in 2003, "Sculpt" was born, emphasizing that landscapes are large art installations.

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