Second Sunday Jazz Party at Cafe Royale, San Francisco

Second Sunday Jazz Party At Cafe Royale, San Francisco

A free monthly live jazz party,on second Sunday afternoons ...

Over 35 casual monthly gatherings at Cafe Royale, with jazz groups like The Lost Trio, featuring Phillip Greenlief on saxophone, & different combos put together by our co-founder, Tony Passarell. Trombonist Charles Hamilton, formerly leader of the Berkeley High Jazz Band, has played for us, too ... & other fine Northern California players in a variety of styles.

Our parties attract a band of regulars, many occasionals, & drop-ins of all ages--everybody's welcome. There's no reservations, no cover or minimum; we ask for donations to cover our costs--we guarantee the musicians a $150 draw that's covered by donations only. All donations go solely to musicians' pay & expenses.

It's a personable way to get together with a convivial bunch & hear good players improvise & play standards ... Come join us!

Hosted by Ken Bullock & Gilbert Johnson, who's also Production manager. With special thanks to Daniel Cowan & the Cafe Royale staff. And to Les Cowan, who presided over our first three years, plus! Cheers, Les!

The Royale is relaxed, friendly (& family-friendly), a comfortable room filled with natural light, with a menu of beer & wine, sake & soju, coffee, tea & soft drinks, salads, appetizer plates & light meals. There's a pool table. See their website for the wealth of other ongoing events there. They feature a Sunday evening jazz session, too--also free--an hour or so after our party ends. Some of us stay on & make it a Sunday double-header!

Four blocks east of Van Ness; parking on the street or on Leavenworth between Sutter & Bush at State Garage: ab. $12/3 hours. BART: Get off at Montgomery, walk 8 blocks west to Cafe Royale, or get off at Powell, take the #15 Bryant north at the corner of Market & Cyril Magnin to Leavenworth at Post.