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Sf Writing Tutor



Often the biggest distinction between top students and struggling ones is in their basic writing skills. Kids who can confidently manipulate phrases and clauses are much more adept at articulating basic ideas. I can help students understand that grammar is not a mystical real of knowledge or merely an arbitrary set of rules, but a predictable, rational system. When students learn to approach writing as careful, logical expression instead of simply as self-expression, their writing inevitably improves, often dramatically. Once they have gained confident control over their sentences, they can construct their paragraphs and arguments more effectively.

I have ten years of experience teaching English at the secondary school level. Most recently, I taught English at San Francisco University High School. I decided to leave m full-time teaching position because I wanted to return to individual instruction and to focus on my own writing.


I live near City Center in San Francisco, and I'm happy to travel. Competitive rates.