Shanghai 1930

Shanghai 1930

Asian. Shanghai was once the "Paris of the East," and this sultry SOMA supper club is an ode to the jazzy glitz of bygone times. The doorman is in period gear, the cocktails are more nostalgic here than elsewhere and the Chinese cuisine gets a chic twist. Featuring live jazz nightly, this San Francisco restaurant lives up to its reputation: Shanghai 1930 captures all the glamour of the era it remembers.

Our cosmopolitan restaurant is evocative of Shanghai when it was called "Paris of the Orient". Founded in 1997, Shanghai 1930 has been rated " Best Chinese Cuisine in the Bay Area" consistently in various local and international publications.

Owner George Chen of Betelnut and Long Life Noodle Co. fame has created what can reasonably be called the only fine dining Chinese restaurant in the city. Shanghai 1930, is true to its name a veritable recreation of an upscale dining establishment.

The recipes are based on the rich flavors from Suchow to Hangzaou creating a
menu that is exotic sophisticated and tempered with recipes worthy of this posh setting.

We recommend ordering from our extensive menu with the assistance of our knowledgeable staff. Be adventurous and expand your enjoyment of Chinese cuisine and pair with our award winning wine list that offers over 500 choices. Stop by the "Blue Bar" and finish your mean with a little live jazz. See our website for details.