Shaun Apple

Shaun Apple

Thinking of leaving your pets at the kennel? Wait! Don't do that! Why not instead have a semi-professional, responsible, and friendly house-sitter come to stay at your home while you're away? This will not only provide your pet(s) with someone around 24/7, but also let them feel loved, get fed on time, and remain in their usual environment. I'm currently volunteering in Vietnam. But I return back to SFO in early May. I'm looking to line up house-sitting opportunities from early May onward because I'd like to remain in the Bay Area depending on what I find.

This is my way of making a living when in the U.S, but it not only provides a modest living, but also provides for my living arrangements. So I'm always respectful to the people who hire me and also grateful for the house-sitting assignments that I've done. I always try to be respectful and treat the house and pets as though they were my own. There have been a lot of kind people who I've met through being their house-sitter! I think it's a valuable and rewarding service.

There are several valid reasons why getting a house-sitter (such as me :)) makes a whole lot of sense. First of all, if you're planning a vacation, going overseas, or just doing a business trip, ideally you need someone to give love and care to your pets while away. Another second good reason would simply be to have someone trustworthy around to keep a watchful eye (or two =)) on your house and any possessions. Plus, I also do any of the following: Collecting the mail, receiving packages, watering plants, dog walking, cat grooming, etc. Anything that you need done while you're always. Although, most people just need someone to watch their pets.

Yes, I have references. In fact my last two house-sitting jobs before I left last May were in Oakland and Pacifica! I'm open to house-sitting any where in northern California, but particularly San Francisco. I'm available for both short and long-term (depending on availability -- please e-mail or call to inquire). I'm happy to provide you with a copy of my Oregon driver's license. I'm very upfront about things. I like to make sure we have things together before you leave on your trip with all the important information written down. I do not have a car. Therefore, I usually depend on rides, MUNI / BART, or a few times people have left a vehicle for me to use while they are away.

I'm an American who grew up in Florida. I'm easy-going, open-minded (you have to be with my kind of life style), and very clean. I grew up in foster care after surviving an abusive childhood. Since then I have grown leaps and bounds by my own merits. I moved to California in 2000 when I was 19 years old where I worked in the I.T business in L.A. In 2001, I went overseas to Australia on a four month work visa. In addition, I ended up spending a total of six months in the Fiji Islands traveling and volunteering. In 2003, I came back to North America and lived in British Columbia, Canada for six months. Afterward I worked as a trek guide out of Santa Rosa, California for the summer. Then I moved up to San Francisco.

It was actually in San Francisco in 2003 where I first got the idea of house-sitting. I had just posted on Craigslist about offering "house management" and organizing help around the house when people started offering me to house-sit. Hence, a new service was born. After saving my money I ended up going to south-east Asia at the end of 2003. What was supposed to be a few months of back-packing ended up becoming more than two years in Thailand, Laos, and Malaysia.

In October, 2005, I came back to the U.S. I was so relieved to be back. Before I even came back I knew already that I wished to only live in Oregon / northern California. I love this part of the country and fit in well based on my experiences. When I visited here for the first time in 2002 it was then that I realized the friendliness and down-to-Earth people, good environment, human diversity, and other things that makes northern California so special.

I'm also a writer. I've formally published four poetry books with my non-profit publishing company. In my spare time, I also enjoy reading, photography, music, and web development. Sometimes (rarely) I also have work doing web sites for people. I have a notebook computer.

In 2005 - 2006, I house-sat for numerous people in the Portland area. My first house-sitting gig was near Mt. Tabor (if you're familiar with the Portland area). After that I was in the Pearl in N.W. Then I was in the S.E off of Hawthorne. Then finally out to Beaverton. There was also a short house-sitting assignment near Pittock Mansion. In September and October I house-sat in Sandy, OR for two corgis in the countryside. Perhaps I shouldn't write so much about Oregon, but I've really house-sat for a lot of people there. It's good. I really enjoy doing it. I would say it's fairly easy work. I love animals. I'm a natural with dogs and cats and perhaps kangaroos too. ;) On side note is that when I was a kid I always thought I would grow up to be a veterinarian. I actually studied Sociology instead, but animals (especially dogs), are always close to my heart.

I went overseas again in March, 2006. During my time overseas from then through July, 2008, I was working in China, volunteering in Indonesia, visiting Taiwan and Mongolia, and traveling all over New Zealand (also on a work visa) for 3.5 months. This was before taking a freighter ship back from New Zealand to Mexico (this was one of my most exciting adventures). As mentioned above, I left the U.S in May, 2010 and looking forward to return. Another reason for seeking house-sitting in the Bay Area is because here has a good amount of people who love their pets and who are generally open-minded to meet someone who's traveled and lived all over the world.

Photos of me dog-sitting:

Check out some videos from previous house-sitting jobs. Some of them are silly.


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