SmartyPup! Puppy Training and Socials~ for dogs•for people

Smarty Pup! Puppy Training And Socials~ For Dogs•For People

At SmartyPup! we love training puppies and, just as much -- we love teaching people! Classes are intuitive, informative, effective and fun for all! Our goal is to help you develop the skill set needed to train your puppy, cultivate a true understanding of dog behavior, and strengthen a positive and lasting relationship between you and your pup. SmartyPup’s methods are based on the principles of learning theory-- operant and classical conditioning—no gimmicks. Our experience focuses on a holistic approach to the rearing, care, behavioral development and training of puppies and dogs. We know the difference between behaviors  that will fade away as the pup matures, and behaviors that needs attention right now, before they become life long problems.

It is essential to understand and train dogs-as-dogs. They should be taught to respect people-as-people, and learn that people are  always in control of the good things in life! As a thinking, caring person you can effectively establish control psychologically through trust, respect, consistency and most important--fun!

Puppy training should be positive experience — for the pup as well as the human. SmartyPup! is highly recommended by Veterinarians, peers in the field of dog behavior and training and clients!

In a letter to San Francisco Veterinarians, Dr. Ian Dunbar, founder of Sirius® Puppy Training wrote “ […], without a doubt Fawn is the most experienced and the most talented puppy trainer in San Francisco. She is a natural teacher — utterly conscientious, creative, fast-paced, funny and extremely engaging. When you entrust your puppy clients to Fawn, you may rest assured that they are going to receive the very best education.”

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