Southern Pudu Imports

Southern Pudu Imports offers the finest organic and all-natural products from South America. Our specialties are olive oil, vinegars, teas, and jams, and soon we will also be importing organic wine cultivated in the Andes foothills of Argentina!

Some of our more popular products include our Inti Zen line of teas, ranging from Yerba Mate with Jasmine infusions, to Italian Bergamot and Ceylon blends, to Amazonian spice blends. We also have a fantastic selection of jams and fruit spreads. The Rose and Patagonian berry medley jams are unique and flavorful. Other rare finds are our all-natural quince and fig jams...delicious with cheese and bread!

Southern Pudu does both wholesale and retail distribution, so we work with individuals as well as commercial food businesses.

Currently we are running our business from our apartment while we move into a larger space. Please call or email us before stopping by!