Steve Orma, Psy.D/ Therapy For Anxiety And Eating Disorders

Therapy is a place for individuals to talk freely about anything that might be bothering them. I specialize in providing individual and group therapy for adults dealing with anxiety, stress, eating disorders, and depression. I work collaboratively with individuals to help them identify and resolve the problems that are getting in the way of their enjoyment of life. I am honest, direct, and use humor to keep meetings more relaxed and enjoyable. The goal is to help clients improve self-awareness, self-confidence, and acquire the particular skills and strategies that will allow them to function well in their lives and be happy.

My two primary specialties are: 1) Anxiety and Stress--For the last five years I have assisted adults in overcoming panic attacks, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, social phobia, health anxiety, and managing stress using cognitive and solution-focused therapy, as well as other effective skills and strategies; 2) Eating Disorders--I help adults (18+) overcome bulimia, anorexia, binge-eating disorder, emotional eating, and other body/weight issues. I am currently a staff psychologist at New Dawn Eating Disorders Recovery Center in Sausalito, CA.

Since I focus my practice in these specific areas, I have built a skill and knowledge base that allows me to be more effective than some therapists who work with every type of problem. For more information or questions, please call me at (415) 295-1383 or visit my website at

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