Stray Boots Scavenger Hunts

In 2008, a couple handsome guys in red and black sweaters started Stray Boots based on the idea that exploring your city could be way more fun if you made it into a game.  They took that idea and ran with it, and in 2009, launched their first Urban Games, as the most interactive way to experience the Big Apple, all from the convenience of your own cell phone.

Since then, we've brought our urban games from sea to shining sea, launching in over a dozen cities in the US with the help of some local friends. Then we jumped over the pond and gave Stray Boots to all the jealous Brits who had played here in the USA, launching UK: The Game in November, 2011.

Over this time, we've taken pride in keeping things fun and keeping them simple. To that end, we're fully committed to two things: Showing you an amazing time around the city of your choice and providing exemplary customer service along the way.  Simply put, we love what we do, and love making sure you do too. It seems others have taken notice, as our Games have been featured in the The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Fast Company, and have been profiled multiple times on TV by Fox and ABC.

Having assembled a crack team of nerds, we're setting out to conquer the world. Our plans include expanding across the globe and offering an ever-richer experience to our happy customers.

So, please, go ahead and try one of our games. We're sure you'll have a blast, and that you'll learn a thing or two about your city along the way.