This weekend hotspot holds true to its name, featuring plush interior, rich hardwood floors and subdued lighting. There are two sides to Suede, with one room hosting a spacious dance floor and another for lounging and conversation.
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SUEDE proudly offers an elegant environment for the pleasure of discerning nightlife enthusiasts mixing plush fabrics and subdued lighting with superb cocktails.

But we also offer something special - the unexpected delight of discovering nightlife spaces to suit your mood. After all, getting away from it all means being jolted from the ordinary. And SUEDE is far from ordinary.

SUEDE consists of two spaces: one for dancing, one for schmoozing. Both can be reserved for private parties, and on special nights SUEDE can also be opened up to join 383 Bay to create a space for large-scale events.

A spacious dance floor gets you moving. Comfortable booths let you chill out. Order a drink at the bar. Step into our smoking lounge for well- earned cigar. Peek through peepholes to spy on dancers at the larger 383 Bay nightclub downstairs. Have a seat on sofas that echo the serpentine wall.

Whether you're a big spender or just want to feel like one for the night, SUEDE's bottle service is the perfect choice for a great time out and VIP treatment. For reservations, please call our VIP Host at 415.722.4228