Sun Run Inc.

SunRun, the nation’s leading home solar company, is the smart and affordable choice for homeowners who want a clean alternative to their utility. SunRun offers solar power service, similar to a lease, allowing homeowners to upgrade their home to solar for as little as $0 upfront and simply pay monthly for solar electricity. More than 5,000 homeowners have chosen SunRun across Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 

With SunRun, homeowners pay a pre-determined and fixed amount for the solar electricity produced by the system, protecting them from unpredictable rate increases for the life of their service plan. In the first year, a typical homeowner will save up to 15 percent on electricity costs, and savings increase over time.  SunRun’s solar power service includes complete care of the system and a performance guarantee. 

SunRun partners with over 25 leading local solar installers, who together employ more than 2,500 green-collar workers. SunRun has raised financing for more than $300 million in solar systems from PG&E Corporation and U.S. Bancorp and $85 million in venture capital from Accel Partners, Foundation Capital and Sequoia Capital. For more information, please visit: