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Experience bite-size bliss with CAKE Lollipops by Sweet Lauren Cakes…

”If you love cakes, big or small. If you love sponge and the sweetness it brings to all. Then you will simply die, in a blissful state, when you try one of Sweet Lauren’s delicious lollipop-cakes.”

It was at the Hyatt Regency’s opening Gala for their snow fall feature that I first saw Sweet Lauren’s Cake Lollipops. They were each individually decorated with Christmas motifs and displayed in tall glass vases they were both eye catching and a brilliant conversation starter. Each Cake Lollipop had a different flavour and it soon became a project to see which would pair best with the Chardonnay they were serving.

Each lollipop cake was beautifully hand decorated and balanced regally on a long stick. Often when you attend events it is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of cake and cupcakes but these cake-pops are the perfect size. Just enough sweetness to ensnare your taste buds, but not too much to overwhelm.

Cake-pops/ cake lollipops are the ideal food accompaniment for your next baby shower, engagement party, birthday celebration, or wedding.

Cakes pops are the perfect bite of your choice of cake mixed with cream cheese icing, hand dipped in chocolate and drizzled with your choice of chocolate. Each cake pop is packaged individually in cello and wrapped with matching bows (if you have ribbon that you would prefer that they use- just let them know!). Cake pops are approximately 2-3 bites for an adult and about 4 bites for a child. *Cakepops will last about 4 days at room temperature following delivery/pick-up.

Flavors we tried: Vanilla, Chocolate Cinnamon (chocolate christmas on a stick), Red Velvet, (the perfect accompaniment to a Pinot Noir), Lemon (delicate and citrusy with a hint of floral), Peanut Butter, and our favorite - Pumpkin. Absolutely delicious. The sponge was the perfect consistency. The flavor was there but not over powering. There was a hint of Christmas spice on the back palate, and the icing in green was mesmerizing. These cake pops were perfectly sized to give just enough cake without being overwhelming and the fun method of display and distribution really made them stand out.

Pricing: Standard Cake pops are 36 per dozen (includes 2 colors). A bargain for the luxury! Standard pops also include their standard holiday “ornaments” (red or green coating with white drizzle) Custom designs can be additional depending on the extent of the requested design and the amount of color changes.

Flavors: Standard Flavors are: Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate Cinnamon, Luscious Red Velvet, Cafe Au Lait (coffee), Caramel,  Peanut Butter Cake, Spice Cake, Pumpkin Cake, Lemon, Chocolate Hazelnut, Coconut Lime and Carrot Cake. Minimum of one dozen per flavor. All cake pops are drizzled with a coordinating chocolate unless otherwise requested. Coconut, nuts or sprinkle toppings are also available -add $.05 p/pop.

Available colors: White, Dark Chocolate Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple. Generally all the colors of the rainbow.

How many?: They usually recommend ordering at least 2-3 per person because everyone will keep coming back for more!

How to order:

Select the:

- cake flavor (minimum 12 per flavor)

- colors you would like (we often make recommendations for this one).

- quantity

-When would you like for them to arrive/available for pick-up?

Lead time: All of their cakepops are made by hand and baked to order -so they require a few days advance notice (at least 4 days is best) from your requested delivery date. For quantities over 100 (they need at least a week notice) as they take several days to make. If you have a last minute order, they may have a few batches on hand, so please don’t hesitate to give them a call!

Delivery: Delivery within the San Francisco Bay Area is $10. Delivery outside the city is based on mileage. Pick-up is no additional charge (they are located within the San Francisco City Limits).

They are happy to ship within the US. 

Sweet Lauren Cakes can be found at www.sweetlaurencakes.com

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