Takada Gallery

The WHIT INGRAM exhibition at Takada Gallery, in the San Francisco downtown area , extends it's run till the end of March, closing now on
Friday, March 31st. Gallery hours are Tues - Sat 11.00 am 5.00 pm.

The centerpiece of the show , Goofy Dufy, a quirky circular construction - 13 feet diameter - is assembled from a repetition of square metal grids; interlocking and changeable parts of a tactile whole. Each time the piece is installed it takes a unique and different shape.

Also included are a variety of wall pieces : painting - like three dimensional forms which reflect the same feeling for the elemental imagery of sea, sky, sun and moon.

Whit is a Bay area artist, who also lived and worked in New York where he was included in shows at the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum.