Td Markets

TDmarkets is currently in the process to create online cafes for teaching the proper way to approach the foreign exchange market. TDmarkets is currently working with developers in the Philippines, Malaysia, Brazil, and Indonesia. The idea is to make a forex club for fun but yet real trading for ordinary individuals or groups so it does not interfere with their ordinary way of life while helping bring an opportunity to have a side business for themselves. The tuition fees will be comparable to the cost of a few cups of coffe a month.

TDmarkets will always keep this a low stress way to learn a very complicated market! The goal is to make this fun and affordable for just about anyone in the world. The fees are expected to be near seven dollars a month for each student. The student will have access and can make use of the website just like facebook. They will interact with all the other members and can have a friends list as well. Everyone will be studying a real market and learning how to calculate important  values and percentages not understood by many traders in the world. This will become a shared portal for all members. There can be many opportunities in the future like donating a percentage of the tuition fees to a certain charity each year. Thank you for reading!

Best Regards

Thomas R. Dempsey