In a city that caters to beauty and health, Russian Hill's Teashi stands out as a day spa that carefully yet wonderfully considers both. Translated from Japanese, Teashi literally means hands and feet, which is of course the main, but not only, attraction here. Owned and operated by sister and brother Anne and Bill Freeman, the spa was designed to create a relaxed, social environment where service and safety both play equally important roles.

Safety? In a day spa? Well yes, it's actually something that a lot of mani-pedi places don't devote much attention to, and that should be of some concern to you. Teashi's sterilization standards far exceed those required by the State of California. After each and every service, tools are placed in an autoclave. Used by surgeons and dentists, this device doesn't just sanitize, it sterilizes; and when it comes to your precious hands and feet, that's something you really want. -- Nish Nadaraja