The Avaca Wisdom Institute

The AVACA Wisdom Institute provides services to San Francisco State University, SF City Employees EAP program, Larkin Street Youth Services, Adult Probation Dept, Military Veterans and their families, as well as many other local businesses.

Our services include, but not limited to: Stress and Anger Management, Violence Prevention, Substance Abuse, Positive Parenting, Healthy Relationships, Depression and PTSD related issues.

Our classes and group settings use an approach that works for all people regardless of age, cultural background, level of education, personality, gender or other variable.

The reason our approach works with such a wide variety of clients, is that we are using a set of principles that are universal to all human beings, to all human experience. Our work is designed to educate you on how to see life as it happens, true reality, and to help you discover and enjoy on your own, on a regular basis, your own true self and the innate wisdom with-in all of us.