The Hapkido Institute

Hapkido and Judo!

Classing now forming in the dynamic version of Hapkido as taught by the International Hapkido Federation (GM MYONG JAE NAM) in Korea combined with Olympic style Judo!

Hapkido combines joint locks and throws with kicks, punches, Judo and blocks into a unique blend which no other form of martial art can boast. All this equals real self-defense and the development of an enriched life filled with energy, discipline, respect and the ability to put 100% effort into whatever goals you pursue. We have separate Kids and Adult programs.

The school is clean, relaxed, and non-militant. The curriculum can be modified to meet the ages and body types of its members.

Our phone number is 415.956.0566 and we are available for any questions you might have. Alternatively, you can email us at

Thanks for reading, peace.

Chief Instructor,

Steven Menasche