The Hemp Center

The Hemp Center

Welcome to San Francisco's premiere Cannabis Dispensary and Private Patient Club, The Hemp Center. We have been transforming body, mind, and spirit for nearly a decade. Our state of the mind facility is like no other. Our experienced budtenders and state-of-the-art vaporizing equipment are only a few of the things that make The Hemp Center so unique. Our spacious club, incomparable amenities, and comfortable Caribbean atmosphere makes getting well a truly inspiring adventure.

We offer a wide range of dried cannabis, cannabis products, and cannabis edibles, to that target your unique needs. You will not be lost in a crowd.

Our  club has a variety of entertainment available to lift your spirits as you partake of the atmosphere and the good company. 

The Hemp Center features a complete state of the art facility. However, we do not rely on just good medicine to make us the leader in the city. We understand that knowledgeable courteous staff is essential to your, and our, success. Our staff have all been trained and are available to  assist you with current specials and recommendations.

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