The Lost Chruch

65 Capp was built in 1979 by the late David Ireland, renowned San Francisco sculptor.  As his first architectural piece, the original 1904 single story structure was transformed into his minimalist approach to maximum light and irregular angular structure. David Ireland was a master of odd windows that magically show  you the full moon. An incredible interior within a seemingly dark exterior.
65 Capp became “The Capp Street Project” in 1983, after philanthropist Anne Hatch purchased the building.  The Capp Street Project during the years of 1983-1990 hosted a variety of  installation artists who would stay in the building while they transformed it for their ultimate project.  
The Capp St. Project ultimately moved to a new  location and the building was acquired by  Brett & Elizabeth in 1997.  Since then, it has served as an Art Gallery, Artist Studio Spaces, Recording Studio and Rehearsal Space, Video Production Studio and more.