The Mindful Feast Personal Chef


♥ A sustainable and s.o.u.l.*ful cooking company {*seasonal . organic . unrefined . local} by Komoot, a Certified Therapeutic Chef, offering personal-chef and small event catering services to clients who need empowering support in living mindful lifestyles of health and sustainability.
♥ "EMPOWERING TREATS WITH LOVING KINDNESS" (THERAPEUTIC WORLD CUISINES) is my specialty: a conscious blend of locally and lovingly-grown ingredients with healing medicinal nutrients from different cultures and flavors around the world in a mindful manner that expresses loving-kindness and respect to your well-being and our Planet Earth.
♥ Specific therapeutic food plan and preparation to empower your healing process from illnesses such as cancer; candida; cardiovascular disease; diabetes, hypoglycemia; inflammation; and obesity, etc.
♥ Customized menus to your preferences: omnivore; vegetarian; vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.