The New Order Professional Organization

A Professional Organizer with lots of experience with spaces 

encourage you, and help you stay focused on your goals.
and families large and small. If you are feeling overwhelmed, I’m here to initiate change, 

With a supportive, non judgmental approach, I create space for living. I look forward to 

listening to your needs, customizing my services to fit you, and having fun while achieving 

your goals. Let me offer creative solutions you may not have considered. 

My background in graphic and interior design has refined my attention to detail and 

sense of proportion and beauty, allowing me to create aesthetically pleasing, as well as 

functional spaces.

We start by assessing what’s working and what isn’t and discuss your wish list for the 

space. Then we cull things that are no longer needed making room to access what is. 

Finally we develop a plan to organize the space, purchase anything we need to execute 

that plan, and carry it out! 

By the end you will have a beautiful, functional space and a way to move forward 

keeping it that way.