The Poetry Store

the poetry store is: n. 1. a typewriter. a poet. a vision: poetry for sale on demand. 2. objective + obstruction = art.

here's how the poetry store works: you tell me what you want a poem about and who you want a poem for. then, you choose the paper you want the poem to be written on from my selection of beautiful and found papers. in three minutes or less, i will type the poem for you on my red royal. yep, poetry on demand--as spontaneous as combustion and as original as bergamot and balsamic on your ice cream. satisfaction always guaranteed.

booking the poetry store: the poetry store is available for music and literary events, art openings, trunk shows, weddings, parties, and get togethers of all kinds.

rates: the poetry store works on paid per poem basis, or for an hourly rate (which varies depending on the size, scope, and duration of the event).

to order poems online & view event listings: visit

to book an event: contact silvi at