The Real Matchmaker

At The Real Matchmaker, we will act as your socially savvy personal dating recruiter to network through a variety of channels to actively scout personalized, quality dates just for you. Other matchmakers rely on their database to match you. We have found this ineffective and have revolutionized our matching strategies to cast our net farther and wider than any other service can. We take pride in drawing attractive, successful professionals into our single social network so that your dating life is transformed seamlessly.

Its easy to take dating to the next level with our Personalized Date Scouting program. Date Scouting is for those who want to meet more qualified singles based on your needs and wants. This will ultimately take the work out of weeding thru endless profiles and time consuming unmatchable dates. We will sit down with you and come up with a desirable dating plan, focusing on your ideal match. From there each date you go on thru Date Scouting will be specifically selected and approved by you as well as pre-screened and meeting The Real Matchmakers standards. We take pride in finding the love you have always been looking for!